Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's a Science-Art Tweetstorm!

Do you like science?  Do you like art?  How about when science and art combine?  Heck yeah, you do!  After all, you're reading this blog aren't you?

This week on Twitter, Glendon Mellow of Symbiartic is inviting artists to share their science and nature-related or influenced art.  If you'd like to participate, here are the instructions from Glendon:

Post your art on Twitter using the #SciArt hashtag.
Aim to post a minimum of 3 of your works per day, so 21 for the week.
Feel free to post more, a lot more than 3.
Post anything sciart-related: sketches, finished pieces, cartoons, fine art, bioart, paleoart, medical illustration, nature painting, you name it.
Works do not have to be new. Get out that back catalogue. If there's one thing I've learned about Twitter, it's that your old artwork is always new to someone.
Post the same piece more than once. If you've got an image or 2 you really want to promote, the audience at 2pm Tuesday is not the same as the audience at 2am Friday.
By all means , promote your blog and online store. A tweet consisting of "(name of art), (link to website) #SciArt" + the image itself looks perfect to me.
Try to retweet at least 5 other #sciart tweets by other people per day.We are not policing this effort, so more or less is fine. Whatever you are comfortable with.

The goal of this is to share the variety and importance of art as it relates to science. By posting a huge flurry of tweets all in one week, we hope to reach an even broader audience. We hope you'll be a part of it!

Sounds like fun!  I'll be posting @Babbletrish and hope to see lots of participants.

Update: Nature took notice!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let's Watch "Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld" and Get Steamrolled by the '90's!

Little Pete welcomes you to 1997.

Okay, honestly this isn't so bad.  It is very definitely made in the late '90s, and it has that distinctive slightly obnoxious 90's educational kid show-ness going on ("Editor, your one job is to make sure the little brats watching this never get bored ever.")  But it's a pretty good, if dated, introduction to paleontology.  We're not in the "Throw dubious CGI up all over everything" era of paleo documentaries yet; instead we meet paleontologists working in the field or showing specimens.  It's a nice change of pace.

Still, "Man-dude"...


Sketch of the Day!

1.20/21.15 - Doodles

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Let's Ask Walt Disney World Tourists in 1993 About Their Favorite Attractions!

Hailing from the same year (or thenabouts) as "Journey Into Magic", this video was a trip-planning instructional film put out by Disney and Delta.

There's a lot of great footage of then-new and currently-gone attractions (that shot of Horizons got me right in the feels). There are also some pretty candid interviews with guests and cast members.  And there's a great deal of regrettable 90's fashion.

Sidenote: Again, the more I see/hear about Adventurer's Club, the more deeply sad I am that I never got to experience it myself. Tell me it wasn't as fun as it looks. Look into my little face and lie.


Sketch of the Day

Ni-No-Kuni Doodles

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Kick him in the side." - Let's Kill, Refurb, Marry Sidekicks!

Kill Refurb Marry! photo killrefurbmarry_zpsba7d6167.png

Oh boy, this is going to be a fun one.  Now to keep this easier for me, I'll only pick sidekicks from the Renaissance era on, otherwise I'd have to be a Polygamist.  With that rule in place, the first one is dead easy.

Kill - The Lemur family in "Dinosaur"

You all saw this one coming.  Aside from the obvious reasons, here's a reminder that the executives who meddled "Dinosaur" to hell and back were convinced people wouldn't go and see a movie about dinosaurs unless there were prominent furry mammal characters for us furry mammals in the audience to relate to.  Yeah.

Refurb - The "Treasure Planet" sidekicks

"Treasure Planet" is one of those Disney Animated Canon movies that I wish was better than it actually is; what I like in it, I like a lot, and I try to ignore the rest.  Case in point: young Jim Hawkins is sidled with three irritating comedy relief sidekicks, giving his crucial relationship with Long John Silver hardly any room to breathe.  So let's make Dr. Doppler less goofy, turn the obnoxious robot into a broken computer that doesn't talk (or maybe does cute beeps like R2-D2 or the little guys in "Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword"), and shoot that horrible cute pink squishy bubble-thing out the damn airlock.

Marry - The "Little Mermaid" sidekicks

I mean, you could argue that later sidekicks were funnier, more helpful, and generally better, but they owe it all to the "Little Mermaid" sidekicks.  They were the first to be on-par with best-ever sidekick Jiminy Cricket in a very long time.


Art of the Day!

I've been sharing some doodles/art I made for The Straw Hat No's "Ni No Kuni" Let's Play over this month and this finished piece seemed appropriate:

"Ni No Kuni" - Sidekick Battle

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

But the 90's Were Also Really Freakin' Weird - Let's Watch "Journey Into Magic"

Disney has done a lot of specials promoting their theme parks over the years. This one is certainly one of the most special... for a given definition of "special".

OK, there's a lot to unpack here.

The highlights are the extinct and just-new attractions of course.  Splash Mountain gets an especially strange segment, as does Pleasure Island.  But there's also a nice, long segment about the in-park animation studio, including the briefest teases of the then-upcoming "Lion King" and "Pocahontas".

There's also a couple of running segments that seem to go on forever about a boring family living out their wildest dreams via Disney Magic, a golfer trying to hit every hole on WDW property, and some dude trying to stay in every Disney resort because why not?  The whole special seems to be assuring parents that there's lots for adults to do in WDW circa 1993.

Sidenote: the more I see/hear about the Adventurer's Club, the more upset I am that I never got to experience it for myself. 


Sketch of the Day!

Ni-No-Kuni Doodles

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The 70's Were Really Freakin' Weird - Let's Watch "Welcome to the World"!

Before I head down to Walt Disney World with the family, I often like to watch old Disney World specials to see how much has changed. Often the most interesting ones are from before my time, not just because they show me parts of the park that didn't exist by the time I got there, but also (admittedly, mostly) because they have a certain very 70's-ness.

That is to say that everything about "Welcome to the World" is simultaneously terrible and amazing.

Some highlights:

* - Look for the Fort Wilderness train, the Bob-Around Boats, the early monorails, the rising stage in Tomorrowland, and weird, early versions of character costumes (those Ostriches...)

* - Those topiary dragons though...

* - Tommy.  Tune's.  Pants.  O_o

* - The guy I can only confidently identify as Orangehair McTightpants.

* - Drinking game: Drink whenever you're thinking, "Are they STILL singing?!"

* - The looks on the actual astronauts invited to the dedication of Space Mountain.

* - Wrong-Sounding Mickey.  Haunting.

* - The part where they actually ride Space Mountain.


Sketch of the Day

Ni-No-Kuni Doodles

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kill, Refurb, Marry Villains!

Little late to the party, but why not?

Kill Refurb Marry! photo killrefurbmarry_zpsba7d6167.png

This month, the topic is Disney Villains. I'm sticking with Disney Animated Canon characters only.  And I'll be rating the baddies based on how great they are as Disney characters (ignoring their source material where applicable, and no, I do not actually want to marry any of these people.  They are just the worst.  But they're good at being the worst.)

Kill:  Unmemorable villains like Whats-His-Name from "Aristocats" and So-And-So from "Home on the Range".  In fairness, these movies have significant problems already (they constantly vie for the position of Worst DAC Feature in my mind), but the dubious antagonists are just yawn sauce on the snore-pie.

Refurb:  Here we have an interesting case, because the villain in question has essentially been refurbished for us by another animation team.  Let me explain.  The villain is the Horned King from "The Black Cauldron".  He looks scary, he's got an awesome voice, and he's got minions, nasty wyvern-thingies, and an army of the cursed undead.  And unfortunately, it wasn't the Golden Age of theatrical animation anymore, and it wasn't the modern age yet, so this potentially awesome villain was the victim of serious wimping out on the part of the executives.  If you want a better version of Disney's Horned King, watch the episodes of "Adventure Time" centered around the Lich King.  Seriously.

Marry:  I'll make this simple: notice how Maleficent gets to be the leader of the villains whenever they have a crossover?  Yup.


Sketch of the Day!  Here's what happens when I watch a Let's Play of "Ni-No Kuni"

Ni-No-Kuni Doodles